Wangan & Jagalingou Traditional Owners invite you

Waddamuli, ngadyu narri Coedie, ngadyu yabu Adrian Burragubba, ngaya wadda wirdi, ngaya Wanggan Yagalinggu mundu.

Hello, my name is Coedie (Coodz Mac), my father is Adrian Burragubba, I speak Wirdi, I am from Wangan and Jagalingou.

Ngali dabu wurba-gu banna ngali yamba nani.

We want everyone to come to our homelands

Ngali wanggarrayn gundarra-gu yarrbayn gamu 

We all together fight for the sacred water (Doongmabulla Springs)

Since 2014 we have told Adani no, they cannot have their mine. The Queensland State government then subsequently stole our property under compulsory acquisition (first time in Queensland History), and the 28,000 hectare area was then given to Adani. A fraudulent ILUA (Indigenous Land Use Agreement) was then signed in 2016.  This ILUA only covers 3 blocks of property:

     1. Machinery lay down area.

     2. New camp village

     3. Airport Strip

The Mine site itself is not covered by an ILUA.  This land was stolen.

Since Adani has started construction on the mine site, multiple environmental breaches have occurred. Doongmabulla Springs and the Carmichael river are in danger of environmental damage if this mine continues. 


We as Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners of the Galilee basin are continuing to fight. In August 2020 we built a sacred fire on the road near the cattle grid 5km’s from Adani’s camp. On the 5th day of our ceremony, we were removed by up to 50 police officers. The Spirit fire ceremony was planned to have a large turnout but due to Covid-19 restrictions, we were limited to 30 people. This year as restrictions have eased and with a Covid Safe Event Plan in place,  I am hosting a 5-day event named Tour De Carmichael - Cycle for Country. 


Everyone from around Australia is invited and welcome to join me on Wangan and Jagalingou Country for the 85km bike tour.  Along the journey we will be stopping in designated areas for a guided cultural tour, talking about the significance of our Totems, Twin Hills, the Belyando, the Carmichael river and the importance of our sacred Doongmabulla springs. You can also learn about Adani’s environmental damages and shady business that has taken place. This Tour will include my camp where we have built our ceremonial ground. If you would like to come and show your support, meet some new people, learn some Wangan and Jagalingou culture whilst getting some exercise please register your expression of interest by signing up below!
                                                    ~ Coedie

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Registrations CLOSE Sunday April 25th. 

The Tour

Wide open spaces, cultural learning and slow cycling...


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